Use Siri to capture your “stuff” while driving

SiriI use Siri on my iPhone to capture any idea that comes to me when I am driving. It is fantastic because I don’t have to unlock my phone, launch an app, or type anything that would distract me from driving. All I have to do is hold down the home button on my iPhone and wait for the familiar beep that is Siri. Then I say “text inbox” and whatever I want added to my trusted system. It is that easy!

Here is what you need to do. Set up a contact called Inbox in the Last Name field of your contacts with your Evernote email address. Once you have this you are ready to go.

The reason you use text instead of email is Siri asks for the subject when you email but not when you text. Now, when you go to your default Evernote folder (Unprocessed for me) you will have a “Mailed In Note” with your “stuff” in the body of the note.

This is a simple way to avoid distracted driving while capturing your “stuff” in the car. For most recent cars that have bluetooth integration you can use the cars built in microphone and speakers to truly make it an integrated experience.

Try it, you will be amazed how well it works.

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2 Responses to Use Siri to capture your “stuff” while driving

  1. Sounds a great idea as I often get bright ideas in the car and forget them by time I get somewhere (my children say I have the memory of a goldfish with altzheimers). I have tried “text inbox” but Siri keeps trying to facetime Inbox! Am I missing something?

    • Strange, you setup a new contact and called it inbox in the last name field. Then you put your Evernote email address in the email field? That is all I did. Try telling Siri to text and wait for her to ask you who. Maybe the “text inbox” is confusing her somehow. I’m not really a FaceTime expert but maybe someone else has an idea.

      It is awesome when it works!

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