You must have your “Capture Device” with you at all times

It is critical that you equip yourself with tools that support you whether you are; at home, the office, the gym, the car or on-the-go.  We all spend at least some part of our work day “out and about” and you need a way to keep your GTD lists and related information with you so that you can work from your lists, and manage your work no matter where you are.  This is a critical point.  You need to be able to capture “stuff” wherever you are so it is important to make it easy to capture your “stuff” at the moment it comes to you.  This can be a pad of paper, index cards or just about anything as long as you have it with you at all times.

I used to use Outlook Tasks to capture my “stuff” but now I have found Evernote to be the perfect place to capture and process my “stuff” because it is available on all the devices I use (iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC) and it automatically syncs to all my devices.

Since we all carry our mobile phones with us at all times, your phone is the logical capture device when you pair it with Evernote.  Whenever you have an idea or make a commitment, it’s easy to capture it in Evernote on your phone.  If you reduce the friction you experience when capturing ideas, actions items and commitments, you’ll naturally capture more of them.

I use my iPhone as my capture device

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