Setting up Evernote to create your Trusted System

Now that you have created your Evernote account, you need to set it up to be your trusted system.  The first thing you need to do is to set up 11 notebooks in Evernote which will be the basis for your trusted system.  In Evernote create the following notebooks:

  1.  – Unprocessed – the default folder where unprocessed items will go (make sure to add the – )
  2. Agendas – lists of things to discuss with individuals
  3. Areas of Focus – lists of big picture items that are your “North Star” to guide you
  4. Calls – list of the calls you need to make
  5. Errands – list of next actions you need to do outside of your home or office
  6. Home – list of next actions you have to physically do at home
  7. Next Actions – list of the next action you need to do in order to drive your projects towards “done”
  8. Projects – list of desired outcomes that require more than one action to complete
  9. Reference – list of items that you want to keep for future reference
  10. Someday/Maybe – list of ideas that you’d like to work on someday, but not committing to right now
  11. Waiting For – list of items that you have delegated or are waiting for someone else to do

The combination of my Calendar, Contacts and Evernote  make up my trusted system.

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2 Responses to Setting up Evernote to create your Trusted System

  1. Cort Fritz says:

    how do you track goals?

  2. Victor Banuelos says:


    Some people might not be too clear about adding the “-” for “-Unprocessed.” This is so when the folders sort, it comes up on top.

    I tend to use a “_” for the same reason, keeping important folders at the top of a list saving me time on searches and making me more efficient.


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