One of the raging debates in the GTD community is what “tools” should you use?  There are people who swear by analog tools like pen, paper, folders and a physical inbox.  Others swear by digital tools and each has their own preferred software tools.  Some people use a hybrid approach.

I love being a CIO because it requires me to be good at several roles.  I must be a great manager, leader, strategic thinker and technologist.  I must embrace fast innovation, understand what is next, and be out in front of waves of change in order to lead everyone into the future.

We are now entering the post-PC world and the consumer is fully driving the cloud and IT.  This reality drives my set of tools I use in my implementation of GTD.

I use the cloud-based consumer services Evernote and Dropbox as the foundation of my implementation.  These services are free and are available on multiple devices.  I can use them on a Blackberry, iPhone or Android-based smartphone.  I can use them from a Mac or a PC.  I can use them from an iPad or Android-based tablet.  This allows me complete flexibility to switch devices at a moments notice and not miss a beat.

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